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Performance Package (VW UP 1.0 GTI/TSI)

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Petrol: 1.0 TSI (115), 1.0 TSI (90)
VW: UP! (12+)

Introducing the 'Performance Package', by JBS and for the VW UP! GTi/TSI models, combining tried and tested quality Hardware and Software from the best suppliers.

Starting with the Milltek Non-Resonated Cat-back Exhaust with Polished GT90 Tip, Uprated Panel Filter and our Custom Stage 1 software, this page allows you to build on this or pick and choose alternatives, giving you the ability to create your own ideal package.

With the offered combinations having the ability to produce 143Bhp all the way to 155Bhp with the 'Stage 2 Upgrade' option, the combination of hardware is key, which can also be said for the overall sound produced by the car as well.

The Forge Intake Kit in combination with the Forge BOV is the ultimate in terms air flow, and creates an amazing induction sound as well as the infamous 'Blow off' noise when lifting off of the throttle.

Add to this the Milltek Non-Resonated Exhaust and you have one little car that goes and sounds like a race car. However for some people this might be a little too much, and both the 'Resonated' and 'Road+' options give a much more subtle tone without negatively impacting the performance.

All this power packed into such a small and compact car can cause the traction control to go a little mad, with it wanting to intervene more and more, ruining the fun and sporty nature of the car. To overcome this JBS have developed a switchable traction control upgrade, allowing the driver to disengage and engage the feature at their desire without impacting the operation of the ABS,  a must have modification for any Stage 1 or above tuned vehicles.

Then with the 'Stage 2 Upgrade', you have the option of the Milltek Sport-cat or De-cat downpipes in combination with our Custom Stage 2 calibration, which in addition to all the previously selected options provides the ultimate in gains and performance from the very capable stock turbo.

Finally, our latest development, the 'Stage 3 Upgrade'. With the help of our engineers, we have managed to squeeze a Stronger Core, Larger Compressor Wheel and Larger Turbine Wheel into the inconspicuous 1.0TSi Turbo Housing. Creating the ultimate bolt on upgrade for this little car, which combined with our own Turbo Intake Pipe and the previous selections can power your hot little hatch all the way to 185Bhp.

Stage of Tune Power (Bhp - Ps) Torque (Ftlb - Nm)

Stock quoted by VAG

113 - 115 148 - 200
Stock Measured 116 - 118 155 - 210
Stage 1 (95 RON) 142 - 144 175 - 237
Stage 1  (99 RON) 146 - 148 178 - 241
Stage 2 (99 RON) 155 - 157 207 - 280
Stage 3  (99 RON) 185 - 188 210 - 285


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  • Prices quoted include all selected parts, labour and necessary software calibration.
  • Both the Forge Intake and Forge BOV are available in Black, Blue or Red, please let us know which you would prefer in the additional notes when ordering.
  • The Milltek De-cat is not road legal and advised solely for track and off road use.
  • It is advised to choose the resonated cat-back system in combination with the stage 2 upgrade, while the other two options work perfectly well the sound produced can be a little too loud and have a tendancy to drone.


JBS must fit this item
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£704.17 exc VAT
£845.00 inc VAT

1.1: VW UP! Intake Options:
* required
1.2: VW UP! Exhaust Options:
* required
1.3: VW UP! Exhaust Tip Options:
* required
1.4: VW UP! GTi Traction Control:
* required
1.5: VW UP! Stage 2 Upgrade:
* required
1.6: VW UP! Stage 3 Upgrade::
* required