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Forge Blow Off Valve and Kit (EA888 1.8 & 2.0 TSI)

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Petrol: 2.0 TFSI (220), 2.0 TFSI (210), 2.0 TSI (200), 2.0 TSI (160), 1.8 TSI (192), 1.8 TSI (180), 1.8 TSI (160), 1.8 TSI (120), 2.0 TFSI (270), 2.0 TSI (280), 2.0 TFSI (280), 2.0 TSI (300), 2.0 TSI (310)
Audi: TT (8S) (14+), TTS (8S) (14+), S3 (8V) (12+), S1 (8X) (14+), A3 (8V) (12+)
Seat: Leon(5F) (13+)
Skoda: Octavia (5E) (13+)
VW: Golf (Mk7/Mk7.5) (13+), Polo Mk5. (6C) (14 - 19), Scirocco (08+), Golf (MK6) (09+)

Forge Motorsport is proud to release the latest version of our very popular solenoid driven valve for the 2013-on VAG 1.8 TSI/TFSI engine (US codes CPKA and CPRA) and 2.0 TSI/TFSI engine (Euro code CNTA, CHHA, CHHB, CJXB and CJXC;US codes CPLA and CPPA) including Golf MK7 R. This valve is a full replacement atmospheric blow-off valve (i.e. noisy) that integrates seamlessly with the OEM electronics and results in no detriment in performance, and absolutely NO fault codes or check engine lights, which isn't something that can be said of our competition!

Like our full replacement recirculating valve option, this valve is fully engineered to remedy the failure issues experienced with the OEM solenoid valves when their diaphragm may rupture which results in a boost leak. The later revision OEM valves have a longer lift but ultimately the plastic brittles and in extreme circumstances, parts of the plastic can break off. Our valve uses full billet alloy construction with a piston based internal design that provides for significantly improved reliability over the OEM valves along with lightning fast response. It has also been proven in cars running over 600bhp!

This new valve has a very short overall installed height, which enables fitment of this atmospheric valve into the tight space between the turbo and the inlet hose from the airfilter, older larger valves and sandwich plates will not fit this engine.


£172.06 exc VAT
£206.47 inc VAT