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1.8T 20V Kits


When it comes to high power 1.8 20vt tuning, there's no doubting that JBS is up there with the best of them, offering turbo upgrades for the 20vt that range from medium hot to the full Vindaloo.

OEM Turbo Kits

  • JBS04

At the milder end of the spectrum we offer for the 150/180 1.8 20v T engine, a JBS04 turbo package that replaces the K03 / K03S blowers with a hybrid unit that, thanks to a trick exhaust turbine and other secret JBS modifications, offers better flow (and power potential) to the factory K04 unit upgrade.

Add a front mounted intercooler, 310cc injectors, a 3 inch MAF housing, a cold air induction system and a 2.5 inch exhaust with a high flow cat, the JBS04 can achieve between 260-280bhp, rising to a 300bhp version which adds a JBS high flow exhaust manifold to the package.

  • JBS05

We also offer a K04 turbo upgrade known as the JBS05, which is based around a hybrid K04 made to JBS specification. A modified compressor housing, 360 thrust bearings and custom billet compressor wheel with other secret modifications, makes for a reliable 300bhp with factory downpipe, factory cat and Custom- Code Phase 3 remap. Add a JBS K04 high flow manifold and you're looking at 320bhp and 340lb/ft.