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Part Number: SSXSE140

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Where to start..... Looks wise this exhaust really does put a nice finish to the back end of your car, even if you have a K1 or a normal Cupra you can get hold of the Seat sports valence and fit this exhaust. Which is exactly what I have done! When you give the car some throttle the exhaust really opens, the sound of this thing is absolutely epic almost sounds like a touring car, I’m smiling like a Cheshire cat every time I open the throttle wide! The good thing about this exhaust, which still amazes me, is the fact that its non-resonated yet if you cruise at 30 or 70 its not intrusive and you barely know it's there. So you can be very loud and make many heads turn.... or you can just sneak along the road and leave everyone in peace you really do get the best of both worlds with this. If you are going to have this exhaust fitted then you may as well go the whole 9 yards and go for the uprated high pressure fuel pump and the Custom Code Stage 2 map, what a difference it makes to the car. I was not expecting much as I came from a stage 1, but WOW. The car pulls nice and linear in every gear and drives very nice at low speed and RPM. It is rather outstanding that an uprated pump, map and exhaust can make such a difference to the car. I’m told its around 360BHP but it definitely feels faster than that to me! As always from visiting the HQ of Custom Code(JBS), they gave me a nice hot cup of tea and sat in their nice comfy chair until they had unleashed the extra ponies in the car. Always like to ask the guys plenty of question of which they tend to be extremely knowledgeable, it’s always good to know that these guys know what they are doing!!! Anyway thanks JBS, you have another very happy customer.

- LEE NOBLE, 03 April 2012

We are pleased to announce Milltek's latest Turbo Back Exhaust System for the Seat Leon Cupra R 2.0 TSI featuring a Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst and Dual 100mm GT100 Tailpipes.

Milltek Sport exhausts have a genuine performance edge - noticeable power gains, sounds that are truly awesome, styled looks that are aggressive but discrete and a feeling of true exhilaration.

Combining the larger diameter of the downpipe and less restrictive hi-flow sports cat reduces back pressure close to the turbo outlet resulting in the turbo spooling up sooner and a more immediate power delivery.

In some applications, it can cause boost to come in around 1000rpm earlier. Something that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate!

Features of this exhaust:

• Transforms performance and driveability
• Sharper throttle response
• Substantial weight saving over original equipment systems
• Precision, quality controlled manufacture to ISO 9001
• Highest quality aircraft-grade stainless steel
• Low pressure systems for maximum performance
• Responsibly developed and engineered
• Designed and manufactured in the UK

Please Note: This exhaust has the rear silencer deleted, will require a stage 2 ECU Remap when fitting and also SEAT Sport rear valance if fitting to non-Cupra R model (VAG part number: 1P0 071 061 A)