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2.0 TSI Stage 2 (Mk7 Golf R/S3 8V/Leon Cupra 280)

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Petrol: 2.0 TFSI (310), 2.0 TFSI (300), 2.0 TFSI (280), 2.0 TSI (276)
VW: Golf (Mk7) (13+)
Skoda: Octavia (5E) (13+)
Seat: Leon(5F) (13+)
Audi: S3 (8V) (12+), TTS (8S) (14+)

With the introduction of the MQB Chassis, the 2.0l EA888 Generation 3 Engine and Continental/Siemens Simos 12/18 Engine Management, the latest platform to grace the VW Automotive Group is a significant leap forward over the previous generations by way of these newest technologies.

JBS and Custom Code first began development with the latest platform in 2012, nearly 2 full years prior to public release. Since then, we have continually raised the bar through extensive and thorough testing Spanning the Globe. Whether it be setting UK and World acceleration and power records or obtaining certification at the strictest of government agencies like the German TÜV, Swiss DTC or California's C.A.R.B., few others can match and no one has exceeded our capabilities with this great platform.

And now the results of such expertise are available to you as the ultimate individualized and customized performance Stage Two Software. The JBS individualized Custom Code Stage Two Software is designed to work on vehicles with more than just the simple hardware modifications to produce an impressive increase in Performance while maintaining and even improving Drivability and striking an optimal balance of Fuel Economy, linear Power Delivery and Mechanical Sympathy.

All JBS individualized Custom Code remaps are uniquely Calibrated for each client and vehicle, which means your completely bespoke remap will achieve the best possible all-round performance for your vehicle. You are even provided a before and after Dyno Test Report certifying the precise increase in power and specifying the conditions under which the test report was developed.


Please Note: To meet the minimum requirements for a stage 2 remap a De-Cat or Sport Cat downpipe would have to be fitted to the vehicle, however Stage 2 figures very much depend on all hardware present on the car.

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