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Forge Motorsport Upper Silicone Boost Hose Kit (For VAG 1.8 T Engines)

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Petrol: 1.8 20v T (210), 1.8 20v T (225)
Audi: TT (8N) (99 - 06), S3 (8L) (96 - 03), A3 (8L) (96 - 03), TT QS (8N) (04 - 04)
Seat: Leon (1M) (99 - 05), Toledo (1M) (98 - 04)

Two silicone boost hoses, turbo to intercooler and intercooler to intake manifold. These are available in a choice of colours and are made to withstand the greater pressures often found on tuned vehicles. These hoses will fit the 210 / 225 versions of the VAG 1.8T engine as found in the Audi TT, Seat Leon Cupra R and Audi S3.

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Hose Clamp Set: